Saturday, February 27, 2010

Robinson Crusoe Island Deluged

Aishwarya Bhatt of is reporting that Robinson Crusoe Island has been devastated by the tsunami that formed in the wake of the latest Chilean earthquake.

"...the Robinson Crusoe Island, which is an integral part of the Juan Fernandez Archipelago, has already been deluged. It was reported that Chile’s Robinson Crusoe Island has already been smashed by huge waves, after the massive earthquake. Chile’s Robinson Crusoe Island is a very remote island, and it is located around 700 kilometers from the mainland. The Chilean President Michelle Bachelet announced that 2 ships with relief material have already been dispatched to the Robinson Crusoe Island."

Next in line for the disastrous tidal wave would be Easter Island. Easter Island is currently being evacuated, and what happens there will give us a closer look at what is in store for Hawaii, Australia, the Philippines and many other Pacific nations.

The tsunami sirens will next be sounded on Hawaii, at 6am local time.