Friday, June 4, 2010

Is There Another Leak in the Gulf?

According to a report on Business Insider:

Is there a separate Gulf oil leak at Platform #23051?

Satellite analysis blog SkyTruth has identified what looks like oil discharge coming from a rig located a few mile from the Mississippi Delta. Analyst John Amos asks readers for any information on the possible second leak.

This rig is owned by Taylor Energy, according to an MMS database. We have contacted the firm and are waiting for comment.

We just picked up the phone and called Taylor Energy ourselves. Whoever answered the phone (she identified herself only by saying "I just answer the phone") refused to comment on or deny the suggestions made by Business Insider.

When asked "Is there anyone else we can talk to?" she curtly replied, "No. They're all gone for the day."

"But dont they have cellphones?" I wondered. "Surely there's a number you can give me to reach someone else."


"Will there be a statement on this matter tomorrow, or in the near future?"


Now, it could well be that the initial reports of a possible leak are incorrect, exagerrated, or overblown. We're only inquiring about what their reaction is to the Business Insider and SkyTruth stories. But it's interesting that whoever answered the phone would not deny that such a leak existed.