Monday, October 11, 2010

Sea Shepherd Drama Deepens

Recently the Captain of the Ady Gil, Pete Bethune, turned on his former Whale Wars comrades and lashed out with a mean-spirited and cowardly attack (on Facebook, of course) on Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd crew. Bethune claims that most of the important scenes on Whale Wars, including the sinking of the Ady Gil and the assassination attempt on Watson by Yakuza, were completely fake and staged for TV.

Needless to say, Watson and his crew aren't taking this libel lying down - they've responded to Bethune's crazy Facebook rants with a series of meticulously prepared refutations - read here, here, and here.

This sort of thing happens all the time and seems unfortunately to be part and parcel of dealing with humans in group situations. From corporations to religions to even community theatre troupes, you'll find there's always disgruntled ex-members of an organization who turn to the internet as a means of slandering that organization. We continue to support Paul Watson fully and wish Mr. Bethune would find a new rock to crawl under.