Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Year's Worth of Radiation, Every Four Days

This Greenpeace video shows live demonstrations of geiger-counter readings being done many miles away from Fukushima, and yet the radiation exposure is far higher than what is being admitted to in the mainstream media.

According to the Greenpeace volunteer in the video, the citizens living in this area are receiving the maximum amount of radiation a human should receive in a year, in about four days.

And yet, there has been no mass evacuation of these outlying areas. The Japanese government is lying when it says there is no cause for alarm for these citizens. These people are essentially being left to die, in order to avoid a mass panic. If there was ever a time when a mass panic was a good thing, we'd say it would be now. Since these readings are off the scale (note the counter only goes to 9999) and unmeasurably high, it may even be more dire than Greenpeace is estimating.