Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is BP Trying to Cover Up New Activity at Disaster Site?

At about 7:00pm EST, the BP live cam showed a sudden explosive occurrence - possibly two - taking place at the leak site, with the amount of oil increasing rapidly and the color of the outflow changing to a lighter hue.

The camera was quickly cut to a different shot, one that showed a higher-up view of the plume but actually only further illustrated the extremely volatile change that had just occurred. Then it settled on an angle with the view obstructed by another piece of robotic equipment.

By 7:30 the live cam relay had switched to a menu showing multiple monitor feeds, and shortly thereafter CNN pulled the feed entirely and switched to coverage of the Senate floor.

As of this writing - 7:44pm EST - the link to the live cam has vanished from CNN's front page. However, by following the old bookmarked link, the live cam is back online as of at least 7:49pm. The current shot is taken from a greater distance, and if you compare the relative size of the pipe and the plume to screenshots from days past, it's evident the plume is much larger now and seemingly flowing harder.